Customer Testimonials

1)  After trying to sell my Air Charter Business myself, with no results, I decided to list it with 
Thanks to their professional service the business was sold with no problems. I would highly recommend for selling your Air Charter Business!

2)  The expertise of Air Charter Business LLC has made my company virtually easy to sell. The staff was available all the time to answer my questions and to take note of anything needed. Joshua found me the right buyer in TWO weeks and made the sale in three. It seems as though he had someone waiting for me to sell my business because right after my company was listed for sale he sold it in less than one month. I would recommend the services of Air Charter Business LLC  to anyone who wants to sell their Part 135 Company, no matter if it has jets or piston aircraft, IT WILL SELL! 

3)  I contracted with Joshua to advertise my Part 135 on his Air Charter Business website. Joshua found a buyer in a very short time. It took almost 6 months to complete the transaction and my experience with Joshua and Air Charter Business LLC was very positive. I recommend him to anyone buying or selling their Air Taxi company. 

4)  Thank you for your help in finding a buyer. The prospects which you located appreciated the unique aspects of our business and the sale proceeded smoothly to closing. Though it is a small community in air charter, finding the right prospects would have taken longer without your assistance. In the current economy, it was helpful to start and close the process with your assistance.

5)  I started my Part 135 Operation in 2005. It took exactly 10 months to complete the process, which was unheard of at the time. After operating my business for a couple of years, I started receiving purchase offers due to the length of time it takes to get a new 135 Company. After four failed purchases at the 11th hour, I decided to take a shot with Within a few weeks of listing my business on, I talked to numerous potential buyers who were not just tire kickers. Josh eventually found the perfect buyer for my 135 company and the sale went smoothly. I want to thank Josh and for helping me to sell my Part 135 business.

About Us

As a commercial and private pilot I was  frequently  asked if I knew of any Part 135 companies for
sale?  I had no answer and no notion of where to look.  This is how Air Charter Business LLC was started.
I wanted to create a place where people could easily find, buy and sell parts 135 companies.

This is the EASY button to find what you are looking for. As an experienced Part 135 Broker, I will make your business acquisition experience easier and faster.

 Air Charter Business LLC's mission is to assist entrepreneurs who are looking to buy or sell Part 135 companies that are already established, rather than starting the Part 135 company from scratch. The process of establishing a new Part 135 company has been known to take up to 2 years or more.

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