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Part 135 Air Charter Business / Air Taxi For Sale



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  1. A Basic Part 135 Air Ambulance with aircraft is for sale. NEW!
  2. A Helicopter Part 135 with Part 91 Air Tour Business located in the South Atlantic is for sale. NEW!
  3. A Part 135 in California with Flight School and aircraft is for sale.
  4. A Jet Worldwide Full Part 135 in Texas with an aircraft is for sale. NEGOTIATING
  5. A Part 135 in Alaska with two  aircraft is for sale. 
  6. A Helicopter Part 135 located in the Northeast is for sale. NEGOTIATING
  7. A Full Part 135 located in the Mid-West with six aircraft is for sale.
  8. ​A Part 129 located in the Bahamas with aircraft is for sale.


International Scheduled 10+ Seat Part 135 is interested in Management of Heavy Jets


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